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Testing, Testing 1, 2....


Testing, Testing 1, 2....

What's going on? Well I'm trying out this signature feature. I see lots of signatures at the end of posts and I think it's pretty cool. There are lots of different ways to do this but I chose signature maker. Then I had to find the code and instructions in order to figure out how to make it appear in each post without having to manually put it there each time. Let me save you some time here! Click here for the code and instructions. I also got an email from mommyranks and she's given us a code to post voting buttons within our posts. Let's test it out and see how it works shall we? Here it goes!
The voting button didn't work where I put it. I'm not liking that box around my name either. Hmmmm I'm going to put that voting button in the edit html part of this post. I'm not going to want to do that every time that is for sure. - It didn't work. Hmmm?

After further consideration I created my own signature in photoshop and then put that in the code instead. I always have to put my own twist on things. :)


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