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It's a Mistake - Day 71


It's a Mistake - Day 71

If you were on Twitter yesterday and you follow me than you heard about my catastrophic accounting error. Seriously, it was a pretty bad mistake. I'm on my game most of the time. I don't bounce checks or make late payments. Well, I didn't until she came along. Baby #4 has taken my brain and refuses to give it back. My bank manager with WAMU now Chase, actually felt sorry for me. Yep, the banking folks saw clearly this was a minor error that went hay wire. What did I do you ask? The funds that pay all the bills for the month were never transferred from one account to the other. OOPS! She helped me out as much as she could. I'm thankful.

My day is filled to the brim with things to do. Slow down? Sure when I get around to it! I'm human and as super powered as I can be at times I still make mistakes. Organization is the key and I know this. I'm still working on it all. Hopefully if you had a bad day reading this post might make you feel better. Now I have to scramble to fix it all. Lovely!

BTW - Don't forget to enter to win an Organic Tee! rofl....

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