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Meanest Mommy on The Planet - Day 72


Meanest Mommy on The Planet - Day 72

I've always said that the more kids I have the more creative I get when it comes to discipline. I really try very hard to keep my sense of humor. My eldest is 19 and we can have some of the greatest conversations now that she is older. She can tell me just how bad it really was for her as a child. I spoke with her today and I will tell you a little secret about one of my methods.

When she would get in trouble I would ground her until. What is until? Well, I would make her read a book and write a report about it or research a topic and write a paper about it. She HATED this! She would be grounded until she was done. What ever the issue was I assigned something pertaining to that issue and she had to write, period.

Today she told me that she was thankful for this method. Apparently it has helped her become a better writer and researcher. I can't tell you how funny it is to hear that! I'm thankful that it turned out to be a benefit in the long run. I had been going to school nearly all of her life and she has been to all of my graduations. I suppose that I knew what was in store for her and planned accordingly. I'm thinking I'm pretty cool right about now.

On to the next three!

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