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Thursday Thirteen #51 - Tweeters!


Thursday Thirteen #51 - Tweeters!

I'm a pretty chatty cathy on Twitter when I get a chance. It's really a lot of fun and I can get news and updates on what's going on quick! For this weeks Thursday Thirteen I'm going to give you my top 13 picks of most influential people in my Twitter circle.
1.) Money Saving Moms - These ladies move in a wave! (@JessicaKnows , @acowboyswife, @classymommy, @KatjaPresnal, @YoungMommy, @thedomesticdiva)
2.) @MommyJenna
3.) @shakethesalt
4.) @ResourcefulMom
6.) @Mels_World
7.) @HappyHourBoston
8.) @FatLossQuickie
9.) @Jentifa
10.) @rogbark
11.) @TheDailyBlonde
12.) @angievinez
13.) @WeareTHATfamily
There are many more! I could do this post again next week and fill it up quick! There are so many great people on Twitter. Thanks for making it such a hip place to be.

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