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It's Here! - Day 74


It's Here! - Day 74

How I got to be the first delivery of the day is beyond me but I'm very grateful! Last time when I made a purchase from Rooms To Go I was the last on the list and they came after 10pm. I was not happy but today is a good day. My hubby and I have made our 2nd practical furniture purchase with kids. We had a formal dining room set that we bought over 10 years ago. The set didn't fit this small space and our family destroyed it! This table set is more practical for our family. I'm so excited! I had to call my gram to come over and have a cup of coffee with me sitting at our new table. Woo Hoo!

And then came the RED FLAG - There is a warning label on top of the marble slab. Marble soaks up spills. Clean spills immediately. Do not put hot or cold items on Marble. Is this a joke? I think this deserves a phone call.

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