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The Mommy Alert


The Mommy Alert

Just when you thought her product line couldn't get any better she's come up with something new! This product follows The Crying Chair and The Crotch Guard.

Do you have kids that fight or bicker on a daily basis? Do you find yourself covering your ears praying for a moment of quiet? Maybe you would like to hide in the closet with the hopes that they won't hurt each other and they will work it out. Are you tired of being ignored? You ask your kids to do something over and over and they refuse to move?

I've got the cure for all of these situations! Introducing The Mommy Alert. The Mommy Alert is a corkless whistle that comes in your choice of black, white or chrome with a comfortable cord to hang around your neck!

Kids bickering? Not when you blow The Mommy Alert. It immediately alerts the children that there is something more important than their bickering. It's the Mommy standing in front of them.

Kids ignoring you in favor of the TV or computer? Not when you blow The Mommy Alert. It might cause them to hop in the air but that's ok because they should be hopping up to ask "What do you need Greatest Mommy on The Planet?"

What am I selling this The Mommy Alert for? I'm glad you asked you can get The Mommy Alert at your local retailers for under $5. Check your nearest Wal-Mart or Academy locations.

Caution: Do not blow directly into the ear. Just the blowing it once or twice will usually do the trick. If your kids see you wearing it around your neck they will know that you are in your "I mean business" mode.

Don't suffer any longer! Get The Mommy Alert today.

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