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Happy Tuesday - Day 39


Happy Tuesday - Day 39

My plate was overflowing today! As many of you know DHL has left the domestic shipping ring and has left UPS and FedEx to duke it out. I recently went with FedEx because of the great shipping rates and ease of printing online. They have better rates than UPS for my needs. It seemed to work out fairly simple at first. That is until I decided to try the drop off. I had to ship a diaper cake and drove to my nearest Kinkos. The toddler was with me and took his shoes off while in the car. I figured fine we will just go in drop the box off and be out the door no big deal. WRONG! Three people behind the counter and only 1 person was helping the 5 customers in line. The other two guys were focused on their own projects. I put my ready to ship box up on the counter and picked up the toddler. There I am waiting for some sort of acknowledgment, eye contact, something! I have the toddler on my hip and he is going bananas. "Put me down!" "I want down!" He has no shoes on and I'm not letting him run around the store. All of the customers start looking at each other as if to say HELLO!!! There is a line here and we all have places to be and why aren't these other guys helping out. Finally! due to the annoyance of my obnoxious toddler (thank goodness because I could have been there all day!) One of the guys turns around and slowly approaches the counter. "Who's next?" "I'm just dropping off this box" I say. "I'll take care of that mam" and out the door I went with screaming toddler still on hip. That whole process should have taken maximum 2 minutes. Maybe FedEx should try making their drop off center at say Office Max. It was always a 1 minute drop off there! Note to self - arrange for pick up next time.

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