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Target vs. Wal-Mart - Day 42


Target vs. Wal-Mart - Day 42

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Welcome to my madness Christi! OK - Many lights came on today. Follow my logic if you will. I'm a behind the scenes kind of gal, a connector, a cross networker to be exact. I have zero issue promoting others. I have met MANY online mommies. I sit back and sort of watch the action as it unfolds so follow this path with me.

Walmart has their #11 moms which is really something like 22 moms. I don't get that but it's not really important for this post. The first time I really saw product reviews vlogged was on Classy Mommy. She was the first. As I watched the unveiling of the #11 Moms I was surprised that I had worked with at least 3 of them promoting my baby clothing line Happy Panda. The next mom from this group that I saw vlogging was The Domestic Diva and then all of the #11 Moms seemed to follow suit. I subsribe to some of them on You Tube. ok -

One day on Twitter I saw something called Momversation and I stopped by for a quick visit and saw a familiar face but couldn't place her at the time. It didn't matter I left and went on about my day.

Yesterday I came across this post from MomDot about the legendary Dooce. Dooce has many fans and I giggled and moved on (now I recognize her from Momversation). Today I caught another post from MomDot about target and how they should have a group of mom panelists like Wal-Mart does.

Later I'm on Twitter (again!) and a tweet came across from @Momversation about sharing a topic you would like to see and I went to the site and gave it a lot more of my attention. It's vlogging instead of all these posts. The videos are high quality but for some reason some of them sort of stalled, doesn't matter. I really liked it there! I thought this is where it's going. This is the high tech part of communities. All of a sudden while in the midst of watching video after video there were Target ads! Oh click, click, clickety click the lights were coming on.

It appears Target does sponsor Momversation. Well how cool is that? Is Wal-Mart trying to catch up with Target? Seriously. They seem to want the #11 moms to vlog etc. Looks like Target is already there. Wal-Mart has a different concept I know, money saving tips yada yada yada.

But Momversation really had topics relevant to me as a mom as a woman. I joined. I like it there. I think it's awesome to have been able to sit back and process how the bigger companies are using social media and mommy bloggers. There you go and that's the path of my logic. Did you already catch all this or am I late to the dance AGAIN?

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