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Something Happened - Day 45


Something Happened - Day 45

I'm lucky to remember what day it is or what post I'm on. I can tell you that I'm really going to start focusing on going in one direction. In a year I have played with all sorts of new widgets, gadgets and more. It's time to start throwing out what I'm no longer using and keep what I find the most useful. I'm going to go to all those social networks and figure out what I use most too. Believe it or not I really do pop in on many of them. But my favorite thing to do is, blog hop! I really enjoy reading other blogs. I was doing that today and I really enjoyed it. I want to get back to that.

I run a lot of blogs and I started them for different reasons and those reasons have been fulfilled and I'm going to start consolidating them. For example I have a company website blog in Word Press and Blogger. Tonight with the help of my tech guru Jarret Cadet I imported my blogger posts to my existing word press. How scary was that? Pretty scary let me tell you but it really was easy. I'm slowly on a mission to compress what I do.
Wish me luck!

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