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I did some serious online shopping for Black Friday. One of those places was I bought a skate board type scooter for my son. While I was shopping for other things the price went up by $10! Fine I went to hunt elsewhere and wouldn't you know it, other places had it $10 cheaper but then charged me that $10 in shipping. Fine! Back to I go. All is forgiven and I moved on.

Today, the UPS man just dropped of that very gift at my front door. It is in the box without any covering at all. If my son was home he would have seen his present. Not only that but that poor box has been really through it! The top is partly open. I hope there aren't any small pieces that fell out. The toddler saw it and is having a fit because I had to hide in the garage. Thanks Amazon! You guys just rock.

Note to self - Maybe online shopping should be limited to small items.

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