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Thursday Thirteen #57 - Top 13... (Day 51)


Thursday Thirteen #57 - Top 13... (Day 51)

Here we go! Top 13 things I like about Thanksgiving. This is going to be tough because everyone gets so crabby from all the preparation.
1.) I like going to my Mom's for Thanksgiving.
2.) I love my grandma's pumpkin pie.
3.) I like the smoked turkey it is yummy!
4.) I get to visit with my cousin Greg and his family.
5.) I get to hang out with my two older brothers and their family.
6.) Most of the family come over for coffee afterward.
7.) All the kids come to play at our house.
8.) Everyone gets to see our baby girl.
9.) My Aunt and Uncle come into town.
10.) I don't have to cook for a couple of days because of all the left overs.
11.) The dinner prayer is a lot more extended.
12.) We play games (Phase 10 & Dominos).
13.) Most of us are off the day after Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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