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Kenmore Progressive 35922 Upright Vacuum - Day 55


Kenmore Progressive 35922 Upright Vacuum - Day 55

Kenmore I big giant red puffy heart your vacuum! I tweeted and I asked my wonderful group of followers, tell me what to buy!? I've got 3 kids and 3 dogs in the house. Help me get rid of this blasted dog hair. They told me one after another Dyson, Dyson get a Dyson. I was jazzed! It's expensive but I wanted to at least try it. I was hoping that the Dyson Gods would shine upon me and send me one to try but this was not to be.

My hubby got a hold of the consumers reportse online and did his own research. Side note- we are a bunch of research freaks over here. We research items to death but that's part of being a savy consumer. Now on with the show!

I told him about this groovy Dyson but no, Kenmore topped the list not Dyson. Off to Sears we went and we purchased this particular vacuum and I'm in LOVE! It's like a whole new carpet now and I love the attachments too! I used them on our super cool couch that holds dog hair and won't let go. Our Kenmore rocks! I don't have a Dyson to compare it to but I have to tell you I'm really pleased with our purchase. Did I mention that it was on sale for $100.00 off?

Yeah! SEARS you rock for carrying this Kenmore vacuum. You've just made my cleaning days a lot easier.

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