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I Want Candy - Day 58


I Want Candy - Day 58

I can't believe there are only 58 Days left in the year. I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. Geez, I read about it but I really must be in my own bubble. My computer is on the fritz and I'm using my DH's (that doesn't mean Desperate Housewives). I have to tell you his computer rocks. His screen is so big it's like a tv screen. It's really fast and his keyboard is awesome. I can type so much faster. What do you think? Sounds like an upgrade is in the air. I turned on Google Alerts. That is really cool! It could be annoying I don't know yet. I'm just playing around as usual. I kept my head down today and got some finances taken care of. It's going to take another day but that's ok I'll be ready by 8pm cst tomorrow for the latest Blog Warming party hosted by Resourceful Mom. Tweet you there!

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