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Motrin - You Feel My Pain? (#motrinmoms)


Motrin - You Feel My Pain? (#motrinmoms)

Motrin, I'm feeling your pain! I'm so sorry that your ad campaign has gone awry. As a Social Media Consultant, mommy blogger and small business owner I could have easily advised your team of the absurdity of this campaign. Moms don't wear children to be fashionable or to look official. As the mother of 4 I can quickly tell you that our children are carried for a good 2 years if not more. Our backs are going to hurt whether we use carriers, slings, pouches or none at all. I wonder if the woman that you hired to do the voice over might not have chimed in and been ignored. One thing is certain, the moms in Twitterville have power. They are very tech savy! From posts to video, blogs, twitter and Facebook news of this will spread like a virus. It would not surprise me to see this on the news. Motrin I feel your pain as I can see your sales decreasing as I write this post. I feel your pain as you gather your PR team to figure out how to fix this. My advice to you, get some moms together to help bail you out of this mess. On second thought you might not be able to find any. Good Luck Motrin. Are there any moms out there that support this video campaign? Find moms weighing in on twitter at #motrinmoms and find more posts here! There's a Mr. Linky too over here!

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