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Too Cool For School - Day 64


Too Cool For School - Day 64

What's it like to babysit 22 second graders for 30 minutes? It's madness is what it is! I'm the room mom and I was asked to watch the class so the teacher could have extra time to eat for their Thanksgiving lunch feast.

Sure! How hard could it be right? I just take them from lunch to their classroom. My son was so excited that I was coming. He was on top of the world. I don't know why this was so cool but I'll take the hero status.

I lined them up and wouldn't you know it, they had to go to the bathroom. I conducted a bathroom group visit! (note to self: Do not conduct group bathroom trips ever again!) It was so scary because the bathrooms were so far apart. I just knew I was going to lose someone. They all wanted my attention to rat the other out.

Finally we get to the classroom but before we could turn the lights out and watch tv I had to keep my word and let them tell me what they were trying to tell me in the hall way. I allowed each of the ones that had a complaint to say it (tell on someone) have the other person apologize and then ask the class to forgive. This went on for 15 minutes. They totally wasted their tv time telling on each other. Finally when they were done their teacher came back.

As I was leaving my son came to hug me. Then one by one they each came up and had to hug me. It was the cutest thing I'd seen. I have no idea what the trick was for all those hugs but now I'm the coolest room mom on the planet! ;)

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