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Crazy Train - Day 65


Crazy Train - Day 65

Stacey Moore thanks so much for following my blog!

Crazy Train is my song of the day and as much as I wanted to use the Ozzy version I went with a cover band that made it a lot lighter. lol
On that note, it's a very appropriate song for today. I had to really stay focused today. I'm really starting to prioritize because I have too! I want to do so many things and learn so many things that it really could take up all my time if I let it. My hubby told me once - and I could be quoting this wrong but this is what I remember - Do what you want as long as it's not at the expense of our family.

I've had to really take a step back and think about what I'm doing. Simple and it should be - family, business, blogging in that order. Notice how myself is missing from that list? My physical self is what I mean. I think my list might need a little more work. lol

Today as some of you know I did get the approval on the #15 Days of Marketing group. Please know that all the information is credited to Jessica Smith. I did not research or plan any of that. All material comes from her but the homework and the outcome of her suggestions are all our experiences. I want to make that clear because she deserves all the credit for all of that work. As a former student I can tell that was pretty time consuming to come up with but I can certainly appreciate her marketing background. As I have said before, I find it fascinating from a behavioral perspective.

I'm about to start helping to judge a food contest for 5 Minutes for Mom and possibly helping to edit their directories. We are in still working out the details. I have my hands in a lot of different things. I can't help it! I enjoy it but I do have to keep it fun. I don't like getting overwhelmed and as long as I keep it focused I will be ok. Wish me luck!

Oh and I hope my twitter follower winner is happy with her prize!

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