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Going Back To Work? Oscar The Pig by Megan Calhoun may be your next book buy!


Going Back To Work? Oscar The Pig by Megan Calhoun may be your next book buy!

Are you a mom who is going back to work? Do you have a small child or children that might need a little help understanding what happens when you leave? Seperation anxiety occurs at some point with all parents and children. I'm currently dealing with that situation every time I leave the house! I could be going to the grocery store, post office or bank. All my little one knows is that I'm leaving. Thank goodness I now have a little help from Megan Calhoun and the new character Oscar The Pig from her new children's book.The story begins with Oscar feeling very nervous about his mom going back to work. He has so many questions and anxieties. Oscar's mom is able to calm his fears with lots of "piggy kisses" and the help of his new nanny Mrs. Tutu. It helps Oscar that Mrs. Tutu encourages his love for trains and plans a special surprise with the help of a "magic egg." Before Oscar knows it he is in China playing with his new panda friend Chow Chow. This proves to be a great adventure for Oscar because Chow Chow also has a working mother. The two spend their time together playing with trains, talking about their moms and having fun. Soon it's time for mommy, Oscar and Mrs. Tutu to all return home. Oscar can now feel comfort that time without mommy is ok and that she will return home and Mrs. Tutu will be there the next day. This idea helps Oscar to understand that there is now going to be a routine filled with "piggy kisses" and new adventures. I'm so pleased that Silly String Media has published this children's book.

Megan Calhoun is not only an author she is also the founder of which is home to 4100+ members.

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