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Just Say No To Flip Flops!


Just Say No To Flip Flops!

On our way to our weekend soccer game we were waiting at the stop light. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a white truck behind me. He had stopped and then all of a sudden BAM! He hit us. I thought for sure someone slammed into him causing a chain reaction. My head hurt so badly and my hubby jumps out to check the baby. We get in and pull the car over to a gas station. The guy comes to me telling me how sorry he is and I all I can think about is checking all my children out. He keeps asking me if I'm ok and I'm thinking, NO! I'm not ok. My head is pounding and I'm checking my children out and they all seem ok. My hubby's head hurts too. We don't need an ambulance but what just happened? I have OnStar which I love by the way. I push the emergency button and we talk about the situation and they dispatch a police officer for us. I'm guessing since we didn't need an ambulance there was no need to hurry. I finally get enough snap to ask the guy what happened!? His flip flop got caught on the pedal. Seriously? You just wrecked our van and your truck because of flip flops? He had to leave quickly because he was late for work. We are all ok but man does my head hurt!

Please wear proper foot wear when you drive. ;)

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