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Version 2.0 - mommyRanks


Version 2.0 - mommyRanks

mommyRanks is still very new but creator Lauren Weitzman is already releasing version 2.0. Personally I love the new look. I like to see the thumbnails of the blogs. There are some blogs that I haven't heard of before but the look of their blog is inviting. If it weren't for the snap shots I might not have found them as easily.

I've had a few mommies on twitter ask me what mommyRanks is and how to use it. The simplest answer is that mommyRanks is like digg but better for mommy bloggers. Why? Many users of digg and the like may not view your submitted entry as worthy of voting for. It might not be considered "newsworthy." At mommyRanks you have more options! If you look at the categories on the right side you will see all the options.

It's also a great stop for PR folks looking for mommy bloggers. What a great way for them to find us in one central location? They too can get an idea of what your blog looks like and the types of posts you write.

I've found lots of mommy bloggers there that I already know! Registration is easy and so is the rest of the navigation of the site. Lauren is always looking for ways to improve and she really listens to moms and their suggestions! She is also the creator of the beloved mommybar.

If you aren't already a user you might want to consider joining. Get over to mommyRanks and have a look around.

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