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I Did It - Day 67


I Did It - Day 67

I Did It by Dave Matthews is my song of the day. I seem to be in a million different directions all the time. I rarely have time to reflect. It's possible it's just part of my personality. I'm a multi-tasker and I suppose there is part of me that just feeds off doing several things. I don't mind but I do mind getting overwhelmed. Some days I like to just hang out and have fun but there is always something going on in the background that I should be doing instead. It's tough to find balance that is for sure.

Today - I did it. I took lots of breaks and tended to things as they came. In my email box there was wonderful news about a summit coming to Houston for bloggers, marketers etc. How cool! I can't wait. I really would like to go. It's no Blogher but it would still be a great learning experience. Till then....

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