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Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Day 66


Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Day 66

Why this song? Well when I got my new bundled package with Comcast it came with DVR and lots of new channels. After watching The Biggest Loser I decided I was going to test out my dvr. I had previously recorded Tim Gunn who I just <3. What a treat! I can watch my show and flip back and forth from a live show. I can pause, fast forward, rewind and that's just madness! I'm in love with my DVR. I'm sure most of you already have this handy tool and I'm late to the dance but it's ok because I'm still excited about it. I set it up to record Top Chef which premiers tonight! I don't have to miss a thing. However, I did get caught up in The Housewives of *.* county. Goodness! It's like a train wreck and it's hard to believe that people with that much money don't behave better. Then again it's tv and there's editing so.... I also caught I want to be Paris Hilton's new BFF. Are you serious? GAK!

Then I caught this movie (rated R) that I hadn't seen on one of my new movie channels. "In this contemporary retelling of director Eric Rohmer's cerebral 1972 film Chloe in the Afternoon, Chris Rock stars as Richard Cooper, a happily married man with a young daughter at home. Problem is, he fantasizes about other women -- and soon finds his fidelity tested when a friend's former paramour (Kerry Washington) enters the picture and puts the moves on Richard. Gina Torres portrays Rock's wife, Brenda." - Netflix

WOW - That about sums it up in one word. Not that it is a great movie but rather it's thought provoking. It's more of a tale about how a marriage can quickly become stale, mundane, routine and head in an entirely different direction. It gave me a lot to think about. I'm sure there are lots of couples that can see themselves in this movie. I'm sure all marriages are tested at one time or another. It also reeked of midlife crisis! Don't rent this one for the comedy aspect although it has funny moments. If you want to delve off into analyzing your relationship then go for it. I also wouldn't recommend watching it with your significant other. It's a watch by yourself or friends movie.

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