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Widget - Day 63


Widget - Day 63

Today was a day for widgets! I was trying to figure out how to keep up with all the Mom Made shops and products and then it hit me, wishpot! So I created my Mom Made list and then created a widget and posted it on the top left side bar. I wanted to be able to share my widget so I clicked on over to Widget Box and created one there to share with other moms! I posted it over here. Think of it has a high tech blog roll! Hopefully other moms involved or those who want to help promote Mom Made will grab the widget and post it in their sidebars.

Before this I was trying to figure out how to help promote all the sponsors with the cyber baby showers that I have worked with and I created a list for them too. I added their widget over here! As you can see it's a widget kind of day!

On the right sidebar there is a 5 Minutes for Fitness button. It links too some really great posts.

The #15 Days of marketing group at Twittermoms is up to 19 members. That's great but there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity yet. I'm not sure why. Time to manage my life! lol

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