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Tuesday Toot Meme - #18


Tuesday Toot Meme - #18

Do you hear it? It's so loud my Toot Toot! Here we go. What did I accomplish this week? Widgets to help all those mom business owners trying to make it out here in the online world of business. I made it to the chiropractor yesterday from the accident that we had. I'm so sore. Our fence is finished! Insert happy dance ---->@<-----here. Three dogs in the house for 2 months = icky smelly house but now there is relief! I began a #15 Days of Marketing group at I helped judge the food photo contest at 5 minutes for mom and will soon be editing their directories. I love working with the twins. They ROCK! Can't wait to see what the other moms are Tooting about this week. Have a good one.

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