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Thursday Thirteen #56 - Thirty Six


Thursday Thirteen #56 - Thirty Six

36 While sitting in the waiting room this morning waiting for my appointment I saw a magazine cover with Jane Fonda, Sharon Stone and Tea Leoni. They were focusing on their ages. I thought it would be fun to focus on mine.
1.) At 36 I don't have any hang ups about my age. I'm totally comfortable in my 30's.
2.) I'm not focused on wrinkles or gray hair. I color my hair because I've had gray hair since I was in my early 20's. I'm not ready to have a full head of gray hair but I don't mind telling you that it's colored. Not embarrassed at all.
3.) I'm more diplomatic in my older age. I'm not as likely to fly off the handle and say many things that I don't really mean.
4.) I'm calmer now. I'm busy but I've mellowed out a lot.
5.) I'm comfortable with having an adult daughter. People normally gasp about that but I've heard it so much that I'm just use to it. We both turned out fine.
6.) I'm more confident in my skills and abilities. I'm really aware of what I can do now and in the future.
7.) I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
8.) I'm not worried about being a people pleaser. I'm generally a very nice helpful person by nature. If I can't do it I'm capable of saying no.
9.) As much as my body needs to change I'm comfortable knowing that it needs to and putting things into action.
10.) I'm looking forward to my 40's. Yep, I hear it's the new 20 and I can see why. The kids are older and you can finally put yourself at the top of your own list because your getting more sleep.
11.) I now have a quest to eat better and feed my family better. I know that just because it's easy to stop and pick up that burger it's not the healthiest route to go.
12.) I understand how precious time is with my children. They grow so fast. I really can put everything on hold and sit down and play or stand and play in some cases. I was jumping on our trampoline yesterday with my toddler. He loved it!
13.) I'm more comfortable with the roller coaster of life. Some days will be really bad and I relish in the days that are good. I know that this too shall pass. I'm just becoming wiser.

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