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Bitter Sweet Symphony - Day 56


Bitter Sweet Symphony - Day 56

It's been a bitter sweet day! That tornado toddler of mine had some success this evening. He finally went potty in his potty chair! We danced, we high-fived, we called big sister, we called nana and granny! Oh the joy the whole family shared. And 5 minutes later as he ran around naked he managed to pee on the couch. (Hangs head and sighs) Bitter Sweet Symphony - that's potty training for you. It's ok - He did it. We will continue more tomorrow.

Today we got to light a fire in the fireplace and oh how the whole family loves it. Guess what else we did? We broke out the ingredients for ....wait for it....SMORES! Yummy goodness right there.

I haven't had a Big Red in 3 days and I broke and bought one today. I haven't had any Red Bull in 2 days. I'm really trying to cut out the sugar intake way down. I just had a bite of the smore, it was way too rich. Have a good Saturday night folks.

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