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Site Warming Party! #TNT


Site Warming Party! #TNT

What a party it was last night on Twitter! The big question of the evening was "What is "TNT?" That acronym stood for the store Tote and Tee. Every time a party is created there has to be a new hashtag created. A hastag is the # sign and letters that follow. It helps you keep up with all the conversations happening for that topic. There are two ways to follow a party. First use the Summize option and search for the party. In our case we used #tnt and you can still find comments from the party last night. Some people found it easier to use the twitter chat room.

As a panelist it was a blast! It was so fast and furious and that hour went by so quickly. I've never seen a party like that before. People popped in and out because their eyes were hurting trying to read it all and keep up! Prizes were given away too! I can't wait to read the summary. Twitter was acting up though because I had people ask questions but I didn't get them until later.

I hope to do it again some time!

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