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Life Learning Devices - Words of Wisdom Swag


Life Learning Devices - Words of Wisdom Swag

Folks I would like to introduce you to Marty Lee Parker, creator and founder of Life Learning Mr. Parker contacted me about his product attached with this little story.

" About 5 months ago my little 5 year old was in the kitchen and bumped her leg on the dishwasher. She got mad and kicked the dishwasher..she saw that I was watching...she looked at me, down at the dishwasher then back up at me and said, "Sorry Dad,...when a ship misses the harbor it's not the harbor's fault." mouth dropped open...that is exactly what the Secrets of Life, LLD had said 3 days prior. It really made me feel great. I truly believe that success spoken around the house is picked up by little ears.

There are 365
words of wisdom on the LLD. Everyday a new one is played. Some of the 365 tid-bits may not resonate with parents or children. A lot of times I have to explain to my kids what the quotes are about...that is what I like about this device, it gives us a topic to actively converse about. If I can have my kids just pick up 5 or 10 belief systems and mindsets that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives ... things to guide them in making life's tough decisions ...then I am very happy. " - Marty Parker

I knew right away that this would be perfect for our family! We are firm believers in education and we enjoy trying new things with our children. As soon as it came I opened it right up and set in the middle of our kitchen table. We've had it for 6 days now and let me tell you it's durable. My readers know I have a toddler here and he has pressed it hundreds of times! I've heard some of these quotes over and over again. My 8 yo sat at the breakfast table one morning and I could hear him press it twice to hear what the saying of the day was. My hubby would press it during dinner so he could hear it too. We love this device!

Marty is right our children don't understand all the sayings but it does give us the opportunity to explain them and have great conversations. There are more of these devices available in his store. You can learn Spanish or keep your spirit up with daily devotions.

Another cool section in the store are the Law of Attraction Quotes. These are great for staying motivated. I'm so HAPPY that Marty is letting me share his product with one of you! I get to share one Secrets of Life & Words of Wisdom Learning Device with one lucky winner.

How do you win? Visit the Law of Attraction Quotes and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite and why! Don't forget this would be a great Christmas gift too.

This contest is open to U.S. residence only and will end @11:59pm December 2nd and I will announce the winner here 12/3 @9:00am cst.
Good Luck!

And the winner is comment number:

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