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Waiting on the world to change - Day 54


Waiting on the world to change - Day 54

Why we can't find someone to replace our roof is just beyond me. After hurricane Ike it's really be an adventure trying to get everything back to normal. We just got our fence repaired but I have to tell you that the job done wasn't all that great. The pickets used are really warped. Fine it's up and replaced, moving on....we need a roof now.

Each company that we have called wants to deal with our insurance company directly. They all want to charge however much the insurance company pays out. If the amount is more they will deal directly with the insurance company. Does any of this sound right? Let's say for a moment there was no hurricane? How would you go about getting a roof? You would get an estimate and they would give you an amount. That's not the way it's working at all. Buyer Beware after natural disasters. Wish us luck!

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