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Tuesday Toot Meme #20


Tuesday Toot Meme #20

I don't mean to complain but the pickets used for our fence are bending back and forth. It looks like 6k down the drain is what it looks like. I'm really not happy but there has to be a solution. I will think on that this week. We have 3 dogs and something must be done! Now on with the Toots of the week...
Toot for the grouping of Black Friday
Toot for the grouping of Cyber Monday
Toot for the Sassy Frazz cyber baby shower games (everyone welcome)
Toot for finishing my personal accounting - it's like it's own corporation trust me!
Toot for finishing ODI's company accounting.
No I'm not an accountant and I don't even like it but it's necessary and I know how to do it so there you go!
Toot for getting some online Christmas shopping! My first box arrived yesterday.
Toot for finally getting our roof set up to be replaced.

I haven't heard my daughters version as an employee of Best Buy and Black Friday. Rumor is she worked 24 hours. Isn't that illegal?
Happy Toot Tuesday!

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