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Dream Analysis 2


Dream Analysis 2

I had the weirdest dream the other night. All I remember is that I was moving into a new house. It was really nice but then my dream switched to being haunted by ghosts. They were mean ghosts! My mother was there and there was a cross and there was blood. It was so scary. I'm not going into the real graphic gory details because it was very disturbing. Then the dream switched to me being in a dark bedroom. Under the door there was light and I bent over to look and there were these little pair of black Mary Jane shoes. There were these 3 little girls haunting me. They scared the fire out of me. I woke up and everything was so vivid. I couldn't back to sleep.

Last night my son told me that he dreamed that he dropped his baby sister 3 or 4 times. He said that I was asking him to do something and he dropped her. He would pick her back up and I would ask him to do something else and he would drop her again. The last time he said she fell on her face and started bleeding. He woke up.

Talk about disturbing!!!!!

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