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Potty Training Wars


Potty Training Wars

If you were on Twitter today you read the great tweet that had many of you cracking up!

Our toddler has been doing really well with potty training but every now and then we have set backs. He will have an accident here and there. Sometimes he will poo in his underwear. Today he disappeared and he came back and said he "I poo, I flush toilet!" He was so proud of himself. My brain was having a hard time registering what he said but I followed him to the bathroom and then it all clicked! Where is your underwear? I asked. He points to the toilet. There isn't anything in the toilet. OMG - He really did flush his underwear down the toilet. Either his underwear are very small or our pipes are really big because our toilet didn't get stopped up.

And there you have it folks! The madness of potty training.

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