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Goodbye Savings


Goodbye Savings

I've tried to save money. Oh how I have tried to save but WAMU has this policy that you must keep a certain amount in your savings at all times or you will get charged fees. In my world everything fluctuates and that includes money. Rather than get those pesky fees I closed my account today.

It's rather depressing that I no longer have the income to feed it any more. Logic tells me that I better get some sort of system going. In this day and age it isn't safe to exist without nest eggs.

My IRA had a really bad quarter! Normally I do pretty well but this economy is just painful all around. I hope that I'm not destitute by the time an elderly woman. I don't think my kids are going to take care of me at all. A bunch of revenge seekers those kids of mine! ROFL!!!! - Remember that time you grounded me....

I'm toast.

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