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Keeping it up!


Keeping it up!

We've still been keeping up our family game night on Mondays. This Monday we played Tumble. Our toddler was able to play this one too. He got such a kick out of the marbles falling.

My best friend is back in school. I am so happy for her. She's going to finish her Associates Degree this semester. Way to go!

My dh and I cleaned like crazy over the weekend. We are now down to two rooms and once we knock those out keeping up the house is going to be much more simple. It's easier said than done. We have lots of papers in our lives.

Our little girl is very close to crawling. She's rolling around and scooting like crazy. She's growing so fast and we are very lucky to have such a happy little girl. It's really nice.

Normally I have some great kid shots to share with you for Wordless Wednesday but tomorrow I'm going to share something draw dropping! My dh emailed it to me. He's got a silly sense of humor.

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