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Funny Story - Potty Training Again


Funny Story - Potty Training Again

I'm trying to get my toddler to make the transition to standing up and going to the bathroom. He has tried to stand over his potty chair and well you can imagine the mess. Daddy does it and big brother does it so......

He doesn't care for the big potty yet. My dh says it has to be demonstrated in order to get him to do it. Over the weekend he tried this. He put a piece of toilet paper inside the bowl to use as a target for the little guy. This didn't work but boy did he remember this method!

Today after school the elder son is in the bathroom and the little guy follows. The eldest finishes and leaves his little brother in there. Some how the little guy found a paper towel roll. My son starts yelling to me, "Mom, oh he made a mess!" I go in the bathroom and the whole roll of WET paper towels is on the floor. There are little pieces of paper towel in the big toilet, in the potty chair and on the floor! God bless him he certainly did try.

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