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Tips & Tricks! - 5 pound loss and counting


Tips & Tricks! - 5 pound loss and counting

After giving birth to my 4th baby my body is on the crazy train. Everything is out of whack and the weight didn't just fall off. I've had to make some changes. Granted these are really minor changes but I have to work with the time I have.
This is the not on my side list-

The weather
My toddler
Energy level
Lack of sleep
Did I mention the weather?
Potty training
Me Time

So I've tried to make some changes. For instance what I eat. We have been cooking at home more and eating out a lot less! We've been eating more salads, oatmeal and working on drinking water and less Big Red. Oh geez - my 1 gallon container is still on my desk from Christmas. I have to empty it and start fresh or is the water still good? Any way - moving on! The kids live upstairs. I put everything up there. Their toys, all the laundry and there isn't a trash can up there either. If we change diapers or have any trash we have to bring it down stairs. I'm going up and down the stairs on a daily basis now several times a day. Most importantly I have stopped asking my son to bring me this or that from upstairs. Really, it's just easier to get it myself. There is a lot less explaining involved. I've started parking further away from the door when we shop. That part is a little scary because we have three little people in tow and people drive crazy in parking lots. I think that's about it but it's resulted in a five pound loss. Oh and I have tried the Extra gum for those sweet tooth cravings but it doesn't work very well for me. It just delays the inevitable. lol - I am watching what I buy from the store though. It's really important to pay attention to that shopping list. I'm a work in progress. I really hope that soon I can get back to that track. I miss it.

What are some of your tips or tricks?

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