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Marvel Monday


Marvel Monday

I don't know how Mom's do it. I know that most of us just do but sometimes if you sit back and think about all the things you do in one day it's amazing. I always feel like I can't get enough done. If I could just catch up I could have time to sit and hang out. The problem is I have a hard time getting anything finished. I am interrupted by a flurry of dirty diapers and potty training and feeding the baby and feeding the toddler and throw in housework. By the way housework seems the most pointless! Today I did an exhausting amount of cleaning and not even 5 minutes later there was another mess being formed in another part of the house. *sigh*

Each morning I tell my son as he leaves the car "make sure you compliment someone today!" To me if you can find something nice to say about someone it can improve your whole day. It's a helpful tool when kids are trying to make friends too. I also have a standard list of questions that I ask him each day.
1.) What did you eat for lunch? - Very important to find out what kind of food choices he's making.
2.) How was gym class? - This is where you will find out how athletic your child is and how much they enjoy the games being played. Remember the days of team captains? Remember how everyone waits to be picked?
3.) How was recess? - You can get a lot of social information here. Who are they playing with and what kind of games are being played? Who had to sit out?

Granted these are all very socially directed questions because that is where my son needs help. His reading and math skills are very high but when it comes to social skills he's a bit shy. Public school can be very difficult for children for a number of reasons. I read a discussion on Mom Logic the other day that a Mother of a 6 year old had concerns because kids at school were calling her child weird and refusing to play with him. He was left to play on the play ground by himself. That's so sad.

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