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Interviewing for New Blogs!


Interviewing for New Blogs!

I'm ready to begin interviewing for new blogs! That's right, I've cleaned out my Google reader and I'm ready to read more. I'm not looking for contests or product reviews not that I don't love those but I'm looking for nitty gritty day to day mommy in the trenches sharing! I've got lots of kids so there is always something to talk about. I've got an adult child too and her decisions send me into an eating frenzy! Hey it's better than picking up a cigarette! I don't have any alcohol in the house either. If I had that occasional glass of wine I would just go to sleep. Really, it's pointless. Besides I'm trying to figure out how to get my pre-pregnancy body back. That's my current mission. Got a tip? Send it my way.

Here is what I have tried so far -
The other day I was on a mission to eat nothing but fruit for 3 days. It didn't work for me at all. I was so hungry. The next day I thought I would eat the fruit for the majority of the day and eat a good dinner. That helped a lot!
The next day I ate oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for the day and then a good dinner! How is that working? It's working well. I've lost that bloated tummy look. That's pretty cool.

I haven't been to the track since the big race. I'm doing lots of other things that have nothing to do with exercise. I have to develop a system that will allow me to file all these papers, get our taxes done, while taking care of the kids, the house and everything else. I'm working on it!

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