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Lists of 8's


Lists of 8's

Tag I'm It! Thanks to Dorene at Occasional Rambling. Are you ready for my lists of 8's? Here we go...

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To

  1. Being out of debt
  2. Losing weight
  3. Shopping for a new wardrobe
  4. U2 coming to concert in October
  5. Seeing our baby P take her first steps
  6. A playground for our backyard
  7. Finishing any of the books I'm reading
  8. Sunday

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Ran my checking account into the negative
  2. Picked up my son's first pair of glasses
  3. Went to Sam's Club to stock up on diapers
  4. Made pizza for dinner
  5. Read more of The Shack
  6. Went to bed at 8:00pm
  7. Took my son to soccer practice
  8. Visited with my grandma

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

  1. Sleep
  2. Wear shorts again
  3. Learn Spanish
  4. Play the drums
  5. Make more money
  6. Be at peace
  7. Get rid of my freckles
  8. Organize my home

8 Shows I Watch

  1. Lost
  2. House
  3. Medium
  4. The Biggest Loser
  5. Housewives of *.*
  6. Millionaire Matchmaker
  7. Tough Love
  8. Rescue Me

8 People I Tag

I'm tagging some really cool bloggers from my Google Reader for this one.


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