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We Need To Learn Spanish - STAT!


We Need To Learn Spanish - STAT!

Soccer season is in full swing! I missed registration in our own city due to a bad email address the league had for me. No worries we just put him in another city league. Yesterday was the first day of practice and this is how it all came crashing down.

He sat down during drills and swayed back and forth etc. all signs indicating total boredom! (strike 1) I came on the field and reminded him, "son if they don't see what you can do during practice they won't play you in the games." Luckily he clicked! They began kicking the ball in the goal drills and he rocked that! He's been playing for a while. He suffered through the practice.

The coaches, parents and children are 98% Spanish speaking. My son and maybe one other player don't speak or understand very much Spanish (strike 2). I look like I should speak Spanish but I don't. It's not for a lack of trying. I took it in school and college and watched the soap operas! The language has never really stuck but I can pick up on body language and a few words so there you go.

Finally it was time to chose the name for the team and they narrowed it down between Cobras and Pumas. Guess which one won? (strike 3) Photo courtesy of

Geez did he whine after it was over about all three of those strikes! Then asked that dreaded question! "Mom, if you already start it and then someone doesn't like it can you get out of it?" Being the horrible mother that I am I said, "Sure they can!, But you can't! I asked you if you wanted to play in another city, with kids and a coach you don't know and that they most likely will speak a lot of Spanish. You said, you didn't care you just wanted to play. I made that happen for you and that's it. You live in Texas you need to know how to speak Spanish here. The quicker you pick it up the better and your not lost because you are doing what they tell you.

He sat for a minute and said "well maybe I will give it a few more tries." And there you have it! We need to pick up some "Soccer Spanish" do you know where I can get some? lol

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