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BMW M3 - Sweet Ride!


BMW M3 - Sweet Ride!

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Today I got to go shopping with my friend from college. She just happens to own a BMW M3 and oh was it fun to ride in this car. Forget the vans and SUVs when my kids leave the nest I'm trading the bus in for one of these babies! I'm going to look super HOT behind the wheel. Who wouldn't?

I found some cute blouses from JcPennys with a skirt and belt to match. Then she took me to DSW to get shoes to match. I haven't gone shopping for myself in 4 years. How sad is that? I didn't even know where to begin. My friend works outside the home and her taste in clothing is awesome so I enlisted her help. Once we were there trying on clothes it all started to come back to me. Too bad I know longer have the figure to wear most of the clothes. It has certainly inspired me though and now I feel feminine again! Here's to my hubby for sending me out to go shopping for myself. Whoo Hoo. I can't wait to go again but I think I need to drop about 20 pounds. It's a goal.
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