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Monkey Bread


Monkey Bread

It's Monkey Bread, have you heard of it? I ran across the recipe posted on I printed out the recipe days ago and I knew that it was going to be super yummy and full of sugar so I resisted. My son kept asking when we were going to make it and I caved today.

Here he is mixing up the 2 sticks of butter and brown sugar.
The recipe says that you have to wait 15-30 minutes for it to cool if you can resist. We couldn't resist. Can you see some of it missing? lol
Here is what it looks like after the cooling time is complete and you turn the bundt pan over. It's so good! I had to call in reinforcements to help us eat it. My mom and grandma came over to help and we had coffee too. I don't recommend making this all the time because it's full of sugar but it's sooooo worth it!

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