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They Say It Comes In Threes


They Say It Comes In Threes

They say it comes in threes, what comes? Death. It's hard to believe that we have lost three different icons so quickly. It's even more scary when you have grown up with these stars. These deaths make you reflect on your own existence. How can they not?
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Ed McMahon 3/6/23 - 6/23/09
"Here's Johnny!" Ed McMahon would say. I remember staying up as a little girl to watch Johnny Carson. Do you remember Star Search? I watched that too.

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Farah Fawcett 2/2/47 - 6/25/09
What teenage guy didn't have this poster hanging in his room? I know my big brother did so I remember Farrah pretty well. I remember watching Charlie's Angels too. Female heroins were pretty new along with Linda Carter as Wonder Woman and Lindsey Wagner as The Bionic Woman.

Michael Jackson 8/29/58 - 6/25/09
And then there is "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson. This video is how I remember Michael Jackson. I remember when my mother and I first saw him do the moon walk, we were floored! It was so cool. Oh sure he was legendary with Jackson 5 but he really changed the world when he went solo. He put his stamp on the world and his death reminds me of when Elvis died. I remember very clearly as a little girl the world mourning Elvis. Children now will remember the world mourning Michael Jackson.

It's a strange feeling when many of your childhood pop icons begin dying. It makes you think about your own mortality. Are you doing everything you want to do? Are you getting rid of all those poisonous relationships? Are you at peace with yourself? Have you said everything you want to say to the people that you love? Life is truly short and unpredictable.

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