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Back From The Depths of Hell


Back From The Depths of Hell

My "Sorority Life" is over. I left the building and stopped playing the game. This past Thursday I wrote a post about all the current stresses in my life and this game was one of them. It occurred to me that my game playing had gotten out of hand after I had to turn my Facebook profile on private. I'm a business woman, a blogger, a mother and wife. I started the social media to help spread the word about what I do. I compromised that by playing a game.

When I began to sell everything I had on the game and remove people (sisters) from my house I began to get all these messages. What did I do? Why did you remove me from your house? The emails came next and this was...

my response:

It's NOTHING personal. I removed everyone. I just grew my house too big too fast and I couldn't keep up. It just stopped being fun. I couldn't keep up with the slappers and non slappers and the spies in my house. The game I created just wasn't the best use of my time. Some sisters are angry but most understand. I've seen in the feed several times sisters that want to leave because of the drama but they don't leave. Everyone says, it's just a game, but then they will leave terrible messages on others WBs (white boards). Then they say if you remove me without talking to me first I'm going to put you on the burn list, but it's just a game. lol
They warn - put your FB (Facebook) profile on private or they can find you and if you have personal information they can mess with you, but it's just a game. lol
I'm a small business owner, a blogger, a mother and that is why I created the fb (Facebook) profile to begin with, to network. I have compromised all of that for this game. Not a smart move on my part. I had no idea. I really hope that more sisters understand. It's just a game but one that was becoming too unhealthy for me. I may come back some day but it will be under a different FB (Facebook) profile. Some people have nothing better to do than mess with others. lol - Thank you so much for being my sister. A real sister. :)

Her response:
Oh I understand yeah their definitely are some crazy people. I should of started a whole different FB page also. The whole bad mouthing people is so crazy some people don't know how to keep SL & RL separate. But you stay strong & I wish you all the Blessing's in the world & I'm here if u need me.

Thank you also. You are one of the nicest women I've met on FB & I'm glad I got 2 be your sis & chat w/ you :)

Oh yes my dear friends people are serious about their online games. For two weeks I stayed up till maybe 2am gaming with my husband right beside me on his WOW character. Neither of us wanting to pay attention to or deal with the real list of things we need to do. I stayed up until 4am removing people from my game and removing them from my friend list. I felt the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders.

I then went to church today and the service oddly enough was all about willful sin. Those in power and what they do with that power. I realized my part in the game. There I was stirring the gossip pot. There I was making spreadsheets of who not to let in my circle. I allowed this game to get to me. There isn't a person playing that game that hasn't been changed. It's fun but it really can be negative. At least it was negative for me. I longed for my fellow moms that I know. I longed for just blog hopping. There is drama among bloggers at times but in the game the drama is every second. I feel better and I'm glad to be back in my own little comfort zone. Maybe after time has passed they will forget the sister who removed 2,000 sisters from her house and left 3 million up for grabs. Maybe then I can turn my Facebook profile off of private and get back to business.

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