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Hey Joe!


Hey Joe!

Some of you may have been following along this weekend about our family emergency. My Uncle Joe (who is now the eldest male in our family) was here visiting from San Antonio. He and his wife (Aunt Sandy) were about to go out of town with my mom and grandma. He was at my mother's church to give a guest sermon. At some point during this sermon he experienced a heart attack. None of us knew this at the time because it was just a pain in the right shoulder, a sort of "I don't feel right" kind of moment. They took him to the ER and sure enough this is what was found.
My Uncle Joe has his own church The Word Church in his area of town. He has married my brother and his wife. He has married me and my husband. He's here in this photo waiting on me to finish my walk.
As you can see he is more than just an Uncle. Our church prayed for him, his church prayed for him, our family prayed for him, and you guys out there on Twitter and Facebook prayed for him. Thank you - that's a lot of prayers. We visited him after church and they were moving him to ICU. Shortly after they performed the procedure to unclog one of his arteries that was 100% blocked. He has another that is 60-70% blocked. The hospital he is in is taking very good care of him. We went to see him again after the procedure. He was talking to me and telling me he felt so much better and that they relieved him of his pain. Now we wait some more to find out what the next step is and the moral of the story...
You know your own body and when something doesn't feel right don't ignore it. Better to be safe and over protective about yourself. I know that you have been praying for him but I also ask that you pray for my Aunt Sandy, my mother and my grandmother. They need strength, they need some peace. This past 48 hours has been very scary for them. They need to continue to stay strong during this time. Thanks for reading.

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