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Thursday Thirteen #75 - Sorority Life on Facebook


Thursday Thirteen #75 - Sorority Life on Facebook

Happy Thursday Thirteen everyone! I know I'm late but I've been gaming. Blogging is fun but let me give you 13 reasons why I like this game. Here me out!

1. My characters body stays the same! I look great. lol
2. I get to change my hair cut and hair color as many times as I want.
3. Oh the shoes! I get a whole closet full of very expensive shoes.
4. The clothes, oh the clothes! I get to wear expensive dresses and suits.
5. The glasses are really cool. I can wear sun glasses too.
6. The accessories like purses, perfume, cell phones, blackberrys and more.
7. The rides - bikes, cars, yachts and hummers.
8. We get to choose from really interesting jobs.
9. You get to make money not only from your job but the games you play.
10. Winning fights is fun because you gain more influence points and sometimes money too.
11. It's a race to add more people to your house. The more people the more power.
12. We get to vote on the cat walk and let everyone know who is best dressed.
13. Oh and the kicker! - There are lots of guy playing too. They are just as sucked in to the game as the women. It's a blast.

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