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Thursday Thirteen #76 - Stress


Thursday Thirteen #76 - Stress

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I'm really experiencing very high levels of stress. What about you ask? Let me list it for you in a Thursday Thirteen. Ready? Let's go...

1.) Debt - I know, who isn't in debt right now with the economy and many people in fear of losing their jobs?
2.) CPSIA - The new labeling chaos that goes into effect next month. Will the XRF still be a testing measure for manufacturers? Will we have to have 3rd party testing? I think we do. I have research all the dates again.
3.) Taxes - I'm late on my filing for personal and business and it's a nightmare.
4.) Gaming - I'm getting stressed out by the new games I'm playing. It's becoming a love/hate relationship.
5.) My Uncle Joe's recent heart attack. It's got my whole family thinking about their own mortality.
6.) Keeping up with my blog. I love to blog but some days I just can't seem to get a lot of time to get a post in.
7.) My Google Reader - I use to have a lot of time to read blogs but now I don't. I'm not sure what happened. In exchange I'm lacking visitors.
8.) Memes - I haven't been blog hopping as much for those either. It's hard because my....
9.) I've outgrown my computer. I could do so much more if I could have a computer that multitasks with me. I'm listening to music, blogging, I'll have twitter up and I will have facebook up to play a little and let's not forget my email in case I have to fill an order.
10.) Email - I had to reset my email on Facebook. When I started gaming I got over 2,000 new friends and climbing. My inbox was bananas!
11.) My eating habits have started to fall back into their old patterns. Ugh!
12. My husand is reading over my shoulder. lol - that's stressing me out.
13.) I don't have any Big Red in my house. I wish I had one. :(

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