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Stand Up Comedy by U2


Stand Up Comedy by U2

I went to pick up my son from his day at summer camp about 10 minutes ago. One of the counselors had put him in time out for looking out the doors to see if I was coming. Apparently this is a big no no! My son was just angry and once he was in the car he gave me his list of grievances. He didn't pack enough food for his lunch and he didn't have enough to eat for snack time. Then when it came time for swimming no one wanted to play with him. He told me how horrible his day was because he didn't score any points in rifling or archery. They were passing out candy to kids who scored but he didn't get any. He said, "it was a horrible day!"

I tried to tell him that tomorrow might be better and that he was going next week too. We signed him up because at the time he wanted to go. Then he got really angry!!! Lucky for me I had just pulled up to the corner store to grab a Big Red. I really did get out of the car as quickly as I could before he exploded.

When I got back in the car he had Stand Up Comedy by U2 cranked up! He was totally rocking out with air drums and guitar. He told me that this song made it all better. How cool is that? Thanks U2. It was about to be a disastrous evening. There is nothing like spending an evening with an angry tween.

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