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Asthma? Seriously?


Asthma? Seriously?

We decided to finish out the last game today at the tournament. I'm glad we did or there would not have been enough players. Next time we might want to talk with our coach and let him know if we have conflicting plans. While we are there our little guy who is recovering from an ear infection started throwing up, on me of course. After the game he threw up some more in the car. Thank goodness for the Sunday paper! I know that isn't what it is used for but it came in handy.

After we got home I noticed the little guy breathing really hard. I told my husband and he said, "We should take him to the doctor for shortness of breath?" I felt kind of silly so I just watched him. Meanwhile my hubby started Googling his symptoms. We thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to his antibiotic. He didn't have a fever. Maybe he just got over heated from being outside. He had an empty stomach, the whole thing was weird.

Finally he passed out on the floor but I was scared for him to go to sleep. I just watched over him and noticed his breathing, it was not calming down. Time to go to the ER. Thank goodness we did. His heart rate was 160 and his pulsox was 92. All that means is his heart was working over time and he was not getting enough oxygen. They started breathing treatments. Then they tried UNSUCCESSFULLY (as we all held him down) to put an IV in because of dehydration. They gave him some liquid steroids and then took some blood (NOT pleasant!). Finally they sent us home and he threw up again on the way home. He's still having problems but not like before.

He is now lucky enough to have these breathing treatments. That mask is a duck! We bribed him with watching Transformers on You Tube. It worked. Tomorrow we take him to his pediatrician and tell him of our saga again. The ER folks say it was an asthma attack even though he has no history of asthma. Maybe it was a fluke? I have no idea but geez, couldn't the peanuts and eggs be enough to worry about? Thank goodness my mother and grandmother live close. They were able to meet us at the ER and pick up our baby girl and keep her while we had the pleasure of today's saga. I'm so tired. I'm keeping the little guy with us tonight. I'm way too freaked out to let him sleep alone.


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