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Staying Connected


Staying Connected

One of the hardest parts of moving my blog is trying to stay connected. The last meme which was Aloha Friday I really tried to look at each blog and be sure to link up! If you have a following for Google I added myself. If you are on Facebook and Twitter then you might have noticed me as a new follower or added to your Networked Blog or any of the other services that I belong too.

I am looking at your page to see how I can connect with you! Maybe we share the same communities or social nings. Many of you do not have your url set to open another page. If you do then I don't have to leave your blog which is a plus for anyone trying to connect with you. It does become a hassle to click, add myself and then arrow back and try to get to your page again. If you will add for example the highlighted yellow part of this code: a href="" target="_blank"
That will open up a new page for me and anyone else who clicks that link! PERFECT we never have to leave your blog. (there should be a space in front of the word target)

Making sure that you are linked takes a lot longer than just leaving a comment and moving on. It seems to me that if you're going to add yourself to all of these social sites then you might want to be prepared to link up. Right? I've had to contact my pals and request they change my banner and change my url. After all once you put the word out that you have moved that's the end but they might catch a request in their email. Wish me luck as I take the extra time to reconnect with all those fellow bloggers that I've been connected with over the last two years. That's a lot of connecting!


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