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Seems Like Old Times


Seems Like Old Times

The four of us grew up on the same street. We met when we were all five years old. We played together and were at each others houses and were Girl Scouts. We went to the same elementary and intermediate schools. Carrie moved away after her parent's divorced. That was a really hard time in our lives to be separated after spending so much time together and being apart of each others families. We saw her off and on over the years but it was tough to stay in touch. The last time we saw her was at my wedding nearly 12 years ago.
Thanks to Facebook, Em found her online and reconnected. After weeks of chatting and planning we finally all made it to lunch together. It's impossible to catch up in three hours what has happened in 12 years. Hopefully it's the start of staying connected. If nothing else we can all keep in touch on Facebook. That's a cool feeling.


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